Class HistoryLocation


HistoryLocation implements the location API using the browser's history.pushState API.

Using HistoryLocation results in URLs that are indistinguishable from a standard URL. This relies upon the browser's history API.


app/router.js {
  this.route('posts', function() {

  location: 'history'

This will result in a url of /posts/new.

Keep in mind that your server must serve the Ember app at all the routes you define.

Using HistoryLocation will also result in location states being recorded by the browser history API with the following schema:

window.history.state -> { path: '/', uuid: '3552e730-b4a6-46bd-b8bf-d8c3c1a97e0a' }

This allows each in-app location state to be tracked uniquely across history state changes via the uuid field.