Ember API Documentation

To get started, choose a project (Ember or Ember Data) and a version from the dropdown menu. Ember has core methods used in any app, while Ember Data has documentation of the built-in library for making requests to a back end. If you're looking for documentation of the command line tool used to generate files, build your app, and more, visit ember-cli. The latest testing API is available at ember-test-helpers.

Commonly searched-for documentation

  • Components - Classic or Glimmer; a view that is completely isolated
  • Tracked - make your templates responsive to property updates
  • Computed Properties - declare functions as properties
  • Computed Macros - shorter ways of expressing certain types of computed properties
  • EmberArray - contains methods like forEach and mapBy that help you iterate over Ember Objects
  • EmberObject - the main base class for all Ember objects, including the get and set methods
  • Ember.Templates.helpers - built-in functions that can be used in templates, such as the each, on and fn helpers
  • Helpers - a way to define custom display functions that are used in templates
  • Route - used to define individual routes, including the model hook for loading data
  • Service - an Ember object that lives for the duration of the application, and can be made available in different parts of your application

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