Class RouteInfoWithAttributes


A RouteInfoWithAttributes is an object that contains metadata, including the resolved value from the routes model hook. Like RouteInfo, a RouteInfoWithAttributes represents a specific route within a Transition. It is read-only and internally immutable. It is also not observable, because a Transition instance is never changed after creation.

A RouteInfoWithAttributes is not user-constructible; the only legal way to get one is from a valid Transition. However, you can import the type by using import type syntax with TypeScript or import() in JSDoc comments.


This is the resolved return value from the route's model hook.

A reference to the child route's RouteInfo. This can be used to traverse downward to the leafmost RouteInfo.

The final segment of the fully-qualified name of the route, like "index"

Will contain the result Route#buildRouteInfoMetadata for the corresponding Route.

The dot-separated, fully-qualified name of the route, like "people.index".

The ordered list of the names of the params required for this route. It will contain the same strings as Object.keys(params), but here the order is significant. This allows users to correctly pass params into routes programmatically.

The values of the route's parameters. These are the same params that are received as arguments to the route's model hook. Contains only the parameters valid for this route, if any (params for parent or child routes are not merged).

A reference to the parent route's RouteInfo. This can be used to traverse upward to the topmost RouteInfo.

The values of any queryParams on this route.