Class RouteInfo


A RouteInfo is an object that contains metadata about a specific route within a Transition. It is read-only and internally immutable. It is also not observable, because a Transition instance is never changed after creation.

A RouteInfo is not user-constructible; the only legal way to get one is from a valid Transition. However, you can import the type by using import type syntax with TypeScript or import() in JSDoc comments.



the callback to execute


optional target to use


Found item or undefined

Allows you to traverse through the linked list of RouteInfos from the topmost to leafmost. Returns the first RouteInfo in the linked list for which the callback returns true.

This method is similar to the find() method defined in ECMAScript 2015.

The callback method you provide should have the following signature (all parameters are optional):

function(item, index, array);
  • item is the current item in the iteration.
  • index is the current index in the iteration.
  • array is the array itself.

It should return the true to include the item in the results, false otherwise.

Note that in addition to a callback, you can also pass an optional target object that will be set as this on the context.