Class EmberENV


The hash of environment variables used to control various configuration settings. To specify your own or override default settings, add the desired properties to a global hash named EmberENV (or ENV for backwards compatibility with earlier versions of Ember). The EmberENV hash must be created before loading Ember.


Module: rsvp

Determines whether Ember should add to Array native object prototypes, a few extra methods in order to provide a more friendly API.

We generally recommend leaving this option set to true however, if you need to turn it off, you can add the configuration property EXTEND_PROTOTYPES to EmberENV and set it to false.

Note, when disabled (the default configuration for Ember Addons), you will instead have to access all methods and functions from the Ember namespace.

Module: rsvp

The LOG_STACKTRACE_ON_DEPRECATION property, when true, tells Ember to log a full stack trace during deprecation warnings.

Module: rsvp

The LOG_VERSION property, when true, tells Ember to log versions of all dependent libraries in use.