Class PromiseProxyMixin


A low level mixin making ObjectProxy promise-aware.

import { resolve } from 'rsvp';
import $ from 'jquery';
import ObjectProxy from '@ember/object/proxy';
import PromiseProxyMixin from '@ember/object/promise-proxy-mixin';

let ObjectPromiseProxy = ObjectProxy.extend(PromiseProxyMixin);

let proxy = ObjectPromiseProxy.create({
  promise: resolve($.getJSON('/some/remote/data.json'))

   // the json
}, function(reason) {
   // the reason why you have no json

the proxy has bindable attributes which track the promises life cycle

proxy.get('isPending')   //=> true
proxy.get('isSettled')  //=> false
proxy.get('isRejected')  //=> false
proxy.get('isFulfilled') //=> false

When the $.getJSON completes, and the promise is fulfilled with json, the life cycle attributes will update accordingly. Note that $.getJSON doesn't return an ECMA specified promise, it is useful to wrap this with an RSVP.resolve so that it behaves as a spec compliant promise.

proxy.get('isPending')   //=> false
proxy.get('isSettled')   //=> true
proxy.get('isRejected')  //=> false
proxy.get('isFulfilled') //=> true

As the proxy is an ObjectProxy, and the json now its content, all the json properties will be available directly from the proxy.

// Assuming the following json:
  firstName: 'Stefan',
  lastName: 'Penner'

// both properties will accessible on the proxy
proxy.get('firstName') //=> 'Stefan'
proxy.get('lastName')  //=> 'Penner'