Configure a callback for when the identifier cache encounters new resource data for an existing resource.

This configuration MUST occur prior to the store instance being created.

import { setIdentifierUpdateMethod } from '@ember-data/store';

Takes a method which can expect to receive an existing Identifier alongside some new data to consider as a second argument. This is an opportunity for secondary lookup tables and caches associated with the identifier to be amended.

This method is called everytime updateRecordIdentifier is called and with the same arguments. It provides the opportunity to update secondary lookup tables for existing identifiers.

It will always be called after an identifier created with createIdentifierForNewRecord has been committed, or after an update to the record a RecordIdentifier is assigned to has been committed. Committed here meaning that the server has acknowledged the update (for instance after a call to .save())

If id has not previously existed, it will be assigned to the Identifier prior to this UpdateMethod being called; however, calls to the parent method updateRecordIdentifier that attempt to change the id or calling update without providing an id when one is missing will throw an error.