Package @ember-data/deprecations


EmberData allows users to remove code that exists to support deprecated behaviors.

If your app has resolved all deprecations present in a given version, you may specify that version as your "compatibility" version to remove the code that supported the deprecated behavior from your app.

For instance, if a deprecation was introduced in 3.13, and the app specifies 3.13 as its minimum version compatibility, any deprecations introduced before or during 3.13 would be stripped away.

An app can use a different version than what it specifies as it's compatibility version. For instance, an App could be using 3.16 while specifying compatibility with 3.12. This would remove any deprecations that were present in or before 3.12 but keep support for anything deprecated in or abvoe 3.13.

Configuring Compatibility

To configure your compatibility version, set the compatWith to the version you are compatible with on the emberData config in your ember-cli-build.js file.

let app = new EmberApp(defaults, {
  emberData: {
    compatWith: '3.12',

The complete list of which versions specific deprecations will be removed in can be found here